About Us

Who We Are

Shielding is our specialty. Since 1994, leading electronics companies have relied on 3G to deliver leading edge solutions for shielding advanced electronic applications. 3G is a service-oriented enterprise focussed on serving a global clientele, and our success is the result of an uncompromising commitment to quality and responsiveness. Led by client needs, our product portfolio has evolved from application specific board shielding to also include enclosure shielding, microwave absorbers, and thermal solutions. As a result of broadening our scope, 3G now offers synergistic solutions incorporating metalwork, conductive elements, microwave absorbers and thermal transfer solutions in a single, integrated, turn-key package.


Application Engineering and Design Services

3G works side by side with customers as an extension of their design team. Having realized thousands of shielding solutions, 3G application engineers bring decades of specialized expertise and leverage an industry wide perspective to solve unique RF/EMI/EMC challenges. An application engineer works with you to understand your requirements, recommend appropriate solutions, and provide detailed specifications and solid models for your review. Customers rely on 3G to reduce their engineering and design effort, allowing them to focus on other challenges while 3G focuses on specifying and documenting a shielding solution that works.


Short Lead Times / Stocking Program

3G is committed to providing exceptional lead times for prototypes and production quantities. For new applications, from first contact to prototype units on your bench, the execution time is measured in days. Standard, off-the-shelf parts and materials are usually shipped same day. 3G supports large-volume production requirements with in-house stocking programs tailored to client needs. In support of JIT manufacturing, 3G ensures that raw materials are always in stock and available for fabrication and maintains available capacity to respond effectively to time-sensitive demand.



Prototypes to High Volume Production

From prototyping and design services to JIT manufacturing supply, customers depend on 3G to provide a seamless service pathway supporting the entire product lifecycle. 3G's flexible manufacturing system enables the prototyping of new solutions without investment in capital tooling, reducing sunk cost risks and lead times during early phases of the product lifecycle. When needed, design iterations can be realized in days, and low- to mid-volume production can be immediately fulfilled using our flexible manufacturing capabilities.  For higher volume mature products, ramp volumes can be supported near term regardless of tooling lead times, while production is migrated to a variety of capital tooling solutions for appropriate unit cost reductions.


Controlled Goods

3Gmetalworx is a Canadian-based manufacturer registered with the Controlled Good Program, and is pleased to support applications controlled by the CGP. For ITAR controlled applications (US based clients), the ITAR regulations provide exemptions to export permit requirements, which would otherwise be required to transmit technical data to 3Gmetalworx. A significant percentage of 3G's products are deployed in support of defense electronic applications. Solutions include high-performance light-weight circuit board shielding and Hybrid shield technologies incorporating multiple materials such as absorbers and conductive gaskets. For ruggedized enclosure shielding in harsh environments, 3G offers custom-fabricated conductive elastomers (MIL-DTL-83528D), specializing in impregnated fluorosilicone materials using proprietary vulcanizing technology.