At 3Gmetalworx, our accessibility policy has been developed in a manner consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality.

All visitors to our facility shall be permitted to bring any assistive devices which they may require.

3Gmetalworx shall take an individual's disability into account when communicating with that individual. If you experience difficulties in communicating with any part of our organization, you are encouraged to contact us in order to help us identify the appropriate alternative means of communication.

Service animals and support persons shall be admitted to the facility operated by 3Gmetalworx together with the individual requiring their support. A visitor with a service animal is encouraged to contact us in order to address any provisioning or additional measures required for the service animal.

In the event of disruption to the ability of 3Gmetalworx to provide the support and accessibility prescribed by this policy we shall post a notice to this effect including the reason for the disruption, the expected duration and any alternatives provided by us during the disruption.

For questions, clarification, or to provide feedback, please contact us via email at

You may also download a PDF copy of our Accessibility Policy for further information.

Accessibility Disruptions

At this time accessibility to our facility is not disrupted.
No disruptions are scheduled within the next 14 days.