Frequently Asked Questions



  • Do you offer fabrication services?

    Yes, we offer full fabrication services from Die Cutting, Gasket Bonding, Molding, Cutting to Length, etc.
  • How much compression is recommended to use on waveseal EMI gaskets?

    The recommended compression does vary by application and product type. For example most conductive elastomers are recommended to be compressed between 25% - 30% for good electrical contact for EMI Shielding and environmental protection, while wire mesh gaskets only require 15% - 20% compression to make solid electrical contact with the substrate.
  • Is the standard Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) used Fabric over Foam EMI gaskets conductive?

    The PSA used on our Fabric over Foam gasket is not conductive. Excellent electrical contact is made along each side of the PSA while maintaining a solid bond. Conductive Adhesive is available but it does not supply the contact strength required for most applications and is not necessary for electrical contact and EMI Shielding.
  • Can custom profiles be made within the Fabric over Foam product line?

    Yes, we can easily manufacture custom profiles. Our application engineers are available to help with profile creation and samples.
  • Is the PSA on the Conductive Foam conductive?

    Yes, the PSA on our Conductive Foam and Conductive PE Foam materials is conductive. The products are also available without this standard conductive PSA if required.
  • What inputs are required to design a custom shield?

    Most customers come to us with only a shield concept in mind and we have others who have full mechanical specifications to start the process. In either case we begin by understanding the application to select the correct material and then move quickly to mechanical parameters of the shield of which the key elements are: shield location on board, note any height restrictions, and to identify if access under the shield is required (Removable Cover).
  • What are the lead times for custom board level shields?

    NPI prototypes are shipped within 10 days after design approval, and production lead times are 15-20 days depending on quantity ordered.
  • What materials are available?

    The vast majority of Board Level Shields are made from Tin Plated Steel (Office Environments) and Nickel Silver (Corrosion Environments) but 3G offers another 20+ materials in various thicknesses to solve your most demanding shielding applications.

  • Are there any height constraints?

    Board Level Shields without a removable cover such as our QUBE should be designed with a minimum 1mm / 0.040” under cover height, while our shields with removable covers such as SWIPE and FLEX require a minimum of 2mm or 0.080” for proper performance.
  • Are there any Tooling Charges to get started?

    No. 3G uses flexible manufacturing techniques and in house tooling to produce most any feature required without added tooling charges.

  • Can I obtain samples of 3G wavexorb RF Absorbers to test in my application.

    Yes. We have a samples of all our most common materials which we can provide free of charge. Please click here to request our free sample kit.

  • Can I order wavexorb RF Absorbers without Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)?

    Yes. The materials are most commonly used with PSA, but this all wavexorb RF Absorber materials can be offered without it.
  • Can custom sheet sizes be requested beyond the standard sizes listed?

    Yes. We can fabricate any sheet size required up to 24” x 24” with most materials. Our Low Frequency products have a maximum sheet size of 24” x 12”.
  • What is the cost and lead time of tooling to fabricate custom gaskets from sheet stock?

    The value certainly can change depending on configuration and cavity count but the average cutting tool is typically less than $400 and can be produced in 5-7 days.
  • Can custom formulations be made or do you only offer materials listed on the web site?

    Yes, we do offer custom formulation support to help customers achieve optimum RF Absorber performance. Please inquire about our capabilities with your local Sales Engineer.

We look forward to supporting you. if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact an Application Engineer